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    that building on the top right corner feels way too boxy. add some textures or whatnot to refine it

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    Wow this looks really cool!

    But why are there open holes in the maze?

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    Such great architecture. I love that top left screen.

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    The placement of your shot/drop tower seems odd. And i'm not sure what the ferris wheel/chairlift combo is.


    But the rest is lovely, and i'm looking forward to this park.

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    That ferris wheel is such a cool idea. Easily beats the long, slow descent you normally have.

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    Can't wait. This looks amazing. 

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    Ohh, I thought the ferris wheel was in front of the chairlift. That's actually a sick idea. Top right building is a little boxy, a simple overhang over the seating area might help that a bit. Top left screen is gorgeous. The three fences on the same walls in the bottom left screen are too much. Just use the spiked jungle walls on top. Bottom middle is alright, but the foliage feels a bit random. Looks like it's trying to be somewhere between garden, forest, overgrown castle, and "I don't know what this should look like, I'll just fill in every single tile". Solid architecture, though.

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    Wow great stuff
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    Very cool; don't think I've ever seen a ferris wheel like that before.

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    gbd - I'll add a few things to change it but I agree.


    -Piggynator- - because to walk through a maze there need to be openings in the hedges...


    Louis - What's so odd about the drop tower's placement? It's just next to a river.


    Ling - I'll change the fences, I see your point.  And the foliage is definitely random so I can go back to that too and change it.


    Thanks for your comments, gents.  So the Ferris wheel/chairlift thing is something Kumba helped me with.  It makes a lot more sense in-game and looks really good running on the boardwalk area.

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    Unless themed, drop towers are normally placed where a lot of people can see the reaction of people dropping. You have buildings on one side and a river on the other, I just feel it would be better placed in a more open position.

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    i soooo want to be a tester 

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    Louis, I get what you're saying completely and I agree. The picture doesn't show the surrounding area.  On the other side of the river is a lookout spot directly across from the tower.  And south of that is a bridge (you can see a little of it) so people could watch from there.


    Shotguns, I'll PM you when I'm officially finished

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    Cool sounds good then haha, I wasn't sure as the screen was so small.

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