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    first of all, the chain return and the catwalk aren't actually connected to anything, so instead i'd just use track for both (woodencoaster for the catwalk and the zipline for the chainreturn). the supports look good, no huge remarks there, except that some supports seem to be a bit too tall for the coaster. also if i were you i'd use circular footers, but that's more of an opinion i have myself. the layout definitely looks good though, with some minor landscaping and foliage this has the potential to look great

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    Cool layout. The part of the layout without the inversions would also look really cool for a woodie

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    Thanks guys, I appreciate the comments! Lift hill is unfinished, I'll either do that or parkdat kumba's catwalks in. I'm kinda torn on the supports, those 2 do look a bit odd poking up from this angle but they look great from the others. I'll see if I can lower them. I guess I was thinking the banking of the track at those parts would be a lot steeper IRL than RCT allows. 

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    Love it Hepta. Always used to find your screens interesting and stand out.

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    Nice coaster man, I could see a park with limited space kinda building into a rockface with this coaster just to fit it in because of the compactness of it, Which funny enough i think would be a good landscape for this coaster. Would like to see an overview of the layout next time or some progress on surrounding area

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    Thanks Airtime, that's a hefty compliment!

    Scotland, I was undecided on the landscape but I actually like that idea quite a bit, I'll give it a shot.


    Since I'll be submitting this as a design, I think I'll keep the full layout a surprise for now. But I'll post something of the entrance/exit area/station/queue sometime later this week.


    Thanks again all!

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