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    Too much of the purple roof. Fill those spaces with other details or objects. The color scheme is fun but could maybe use one more color...

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    This looks really cool and creative. I also love the fact that you spent a lot of time on an area before showing it. I can see that thought and effort were put into this. I actually don't mind the purple roof. 

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    A few larger trees in the foliage might look good. 

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    Wow this is very pretty. I like it a lot. Keep up the good work!

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    I enjoy the different syle and color.

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    Great colour scheme!  I'm impressed that you've used that pink in abundance, but in a way that doesn't making it overpowering or cartoonish.  There's a certain repetitiveness to the purple-roofed buildings and towers that I think could be broken up a bit (perhaps with some arches and tunnels over the coaster track, or some non-symmetrical parts here and there), but other than that, I'm liking this a lot.

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    I think this is awesome. I wouldn't change anything in the foliage, like the coaster, and looove the colours! Architecture is likeable, but there's a lot to improve still. What irks me is that the top floor on the tower is larger than the floor below it. This just looks wrong here. And also all of your buildings are screaming for arches inbetween the columns. It will make the buildings much smoother. Lastly, I'd restrict white to walls only. White roofs look out of place. Least you could do is pick another texture if you're going with white roofs.

    I just noticed the stone benches. Small detail, but an excellent choice here. Wouldn't mind a little more sandy tans here and there.

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