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    looks good man! hopefully you will be able to prevent this from getting repetative in the long run. not that it's like that right now, but i can see it getting like that in the future. also how's that NCSO park going you were going to keep a secret and post a minimal amount of?

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    I decided to instead work on other things (such as this abstract park) and that lead to me just abandoning it. I may aswell post some screens in it because there are some nice things in there, but the coasters are absolute s**t.

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    The swag tag is what really makes this screen pure gold.

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    zacmaq approves
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    I'd replace the 1/4 tile blocks that you're currently using with the colourable ones that Liampie made.


    Really interesting, and the contrast between the pink and gold is doing wonders. Looks very unfinished though, and I'm not quite sure how this would work in a park setting or in any reasonably sized area. Nonetheless, what's there is good.

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    In a park this would work by having multiple of these floating isles and every one of them would be themed differently. Then all of them could be connected by monorail or some other transport.

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    The swag tag is what really makes this screen pure gold.

    Yet, it is mostly pink.

    Interesting stuff, Wouter!
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    Really nice work! The gold structure is fantastic!

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    Stick with fantasy Wouter, it suits you. Thumbs up from me.

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    This is looking good, well done!

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