Screenshot / Milliville Park Floral Fields.


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    Not liking the green path. Everything else is good

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    I like this a ton. I think green is good for the large open grass spaces, but I'd change the path to brown, crazy paving, or a combination. Keep it up.

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    I'm seeing a theme with the comments here... ;)


    I'll try other paths and see what works out.  Intentionally, the green path was meant to blend in with the fields, as the area features little in the way of larger trees, and mostly with open grass, flowers and shrubs.


    Cheers for the feedback guys.

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    I think you could use some shops to have more types of roof. Jonny93 did this in his "Inselfieber", you might have a look there !

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    ^I agree. And while it might seem trite to use wooden track for curved rooves, they never look bad. 

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    To be honest, I was trying to stay away from trackitecture, including shops as scenery, as much as possible.  The same with hacking, with the only one I intend to use being zero-clearance to get the train track over the pathways.  I do agree that the Oriental style shops work very well as roofing (especially in Inselfieber - that's a beautiful park!), as do the wooden tracks, but I am currently aiming to give the park a truly old-school feel, free from hacks and modern techniques.

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