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    Hey, you're back! This park is back! Looks great as always, very well composed. Are you going to add benches and peeps still?

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    that red path has never looked better! incredible!

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    I love parks future style, it is nice :)
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    i think its the red paths, but the vibes send me straight back to natelox's discovery island. awesome

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    Reminds me of aero21. Is this new work?

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    This is what NCSO should look like. Simply stunning.
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    @Liampie & Poke: Hah! I swear I could place a single tree and you two would find something nice to say about it. Cheers for the constant support :) And the park's always been ongoing - I'm just really slow and lazy. As for benches/lamps/bins, there are some dotted around, but I agree the red path could use a few more. And as for peeps, until recently, it had them. It had just become so populated that it was slowing my game down, so I closed the park.


    @MrTycoonCoaster, Cocoa & WhosLeon: Thank you very much.


    @posix: Yes it's new in the sense that I've just built it, but I've been picking away at this park for several years now, and the park itself it getting on a bit!


    @GammaZero: Thanks, glad you like it, but I certainly believe there are many approaches to NCSO. I personally really enjoy Faas' style, which has a simplicity and openness to it that I think really shows what can be done with a few basic objects and a good eye for placement. Or there's the trackitecture/shopitecture route, which when done right really adds a whole load of texture to the scene. Still, thank you for finding something to enjoy with this approach :)

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