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    This is awesome! Colors work perfectly, and the screen has great balance. Foliage is the only thing thats iffy for me.

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    Yeah the building structure is lovely and the red really pops alongside the waterfalls. Great to see this project is still going, I like this sort of cso work.

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    Not sure how I feel on the foliage, especially given the sand underneath it all, but the main structure hosting the maze is pretty cool.

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    Fully agreed with nin. Great maze, questionable foliage - may be fixed by making sure there are some recognizable shapes bigger than a quarter block to anchor the quarter block chaos.


    I'm also not a huge fan of the coaster. The colours are quite unappealing, and the hill closest to the maze has a weird change in radius at the top that looks wonky.


    I do like the screen overall! Your theming is always fun.

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    Very fun screen yeah, like the others have said. My main advice would be to play with your land textures more. Sand under the coaster, a different texture under the foliage... Would make this stand out more. 

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    I nominate this for best ride name and theme of the year.

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    Thanks for the replies and advice everyone. I've had a little experiment with the foliage and land textures as suggested. To be honest, it makes perfect sense that the land isn't all sand, what with the purpose of an irrigator being to fertilise it, so I really missed the mark on that one. The coaster colours were just a placeholder, so I'm trying some others but this is still subject to change.


    @ Xtreme97 - Thanks very much.


    @ In:Cities, nin & Jappy - Thanks guys. Hopefully the land and foliage change is a step in the right direction.


    @ Liampie - Agreed, even the full tile trees get lost in the jumble. About the coaster hill, I think it makes more sense with the speed it goes, so I'll probably keep that as it is though. Thanks for the suggestions.


    @ mintliqueur - Hah! It narrowly lost out to "Noria Nonsense".

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    very cool, but I liked the foliagen

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