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    I like this a lot. Great choice of path, the wooden supports using the wall beams is a nice little touch as well. The building that the trucks comes out of looks cool as do the fountains which are simple and effective. Would like to see the full building that houses the trucks to the left! Good stuff.

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    Your work is awesome. This plaza is amazing, from the path textures to the perfect fountain (it fits so well) and the monster trucks with their cool supports. Normally I'm quite sceptical with two toned buildings, but the yellow-white building works for the most part. Only the flat roof could use some alterations, like another colour and no barrels/shit

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    Still not quite convinced by the monster trucks, but it fits a lot better here than in the other screen. Agree with Liampie about everything really so definitely take that on board.


    I do quite like the arches on the monster trucks though, adds a nice touch of colour. The supports work well also.

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    Not sure if I dig the fountains, but it does have good atmosphere.  You pulled off the trucks pretty well in my opinion, and Stoksy said they work a lot better here than in the other screen. Path is a little to crazy for me, but it probably isn't a big deal.

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    it's refreshing. keep at it.

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    This is so good.

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    you're really having fun with this, and it looks better and more palatable than your other screens of this project
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    Cheers for all the replies guys!


    @amblerk: Thanks. The supports came from experimenting with a structure that looked sturdy, but that didn’t obstruct the path too much. I was satisfied by the way they turned out.


    @Liampie: Thank you for your kind words. And I see where you’re coming from regarding the building’s roof. As the area has a sort of “trade” theme, I pretty much littered all the buildings with crates and barrels, but I agree that this one should be tidied up to suit the structure.


    @Stoksy: The trucks are staying, I’m afraid ;) And yeah, I’ll be taking Liam’s points on board.


    @G Force: Cheers. This is the only area this type of path will feature, so hopefully the other areas won’t be so distracting.


    @RMM & PokeCoaterEmpires: Thanks very much!


    @Shotguns?: To be honest, I always have fun building. Any time I’m not, I stop and come back later once I’ve got some new ideas or inspiration. Glad to hear this screen is more to your fancy!

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