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    Not a fan of the white thing in the middle, otherwise it looks good. Maybe ad some trees on the right, because now it's just path. 

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    Everything looks really squashed to me, the archy itself is relatively nice but you've shoe-horned it all into one dense square. You've stuck the ship in a less than ideal spot which perhaps makes the problem worse, very cramped.

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    That's a lot of path at the back. I think you need some more planters in general.

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    I agree with all of the above, and I have one more remark. Try to add some more different colours other than the light brown. Mix in some greens and reds, and it'll help to lively it up.


    In terms of detail and construction, this is very good stuff! Hope to see more soon.

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    I think this is really nice work. It's interesting to see a boat ride tucked away like this. I wouldn't say it's positioning is "less than ideal" (unless you are basing it on how well it can be seen from the rest of the park), but rather unique, and I imagine being so close to a structure could make the actual ride very exciting. Plus the riders can see out onto the lake should they wish too anyway.


    Your detailing is neat and elegant, yet still retains a pirate feel about it, without resorting to the typical scrappiness of the theme. I do agree that a few more colours here and there would liven it up a bit, but to be honest, I like it the way it is. A few more planters on the buildings would look though, I feel.

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    Very enjoyable screen. 

    Some foliage on the path would be a nice addition, not only would it break it up a bit but add some greenery and shade. Palms would be perfect for the setting I think. 

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    I like what you have here in the screen as the whole, my big gripe is the tracktecture you've got in the middle. It is very unnecessary and sticks out like a sore thumb. That form doesn't fit with the architecture style anyways, and you've clearly shown with the rest of the facade that you can do better! 


    Another tiny note is the window style. I would try either using different windows or fewer (or both?). Right now there is just far too many windows. Don't be afraid of bare walls!


    As folks have said as well the paths are very open and bare, benches, lamps, and vending carts would help fill this area out and give it more life. 


    The utilities on the roof of the show building are very believable and done tastefully without being too busy and distracting. Keep at it, this area is very promising!

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