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    This is some pretty good stuff, like the color and contrast it creates between the coaster and the surroundings. However your 1k ruin usage isn't that great, it seems unnatual and the grey color just doesn't work. I'd suggest using more different types of ruins and changing the color to back or the faded brown. Also, maybe change the deco blocks to the version with the more textured vertical faces if you can, just to make it look more like actual concrete rather than a grey blob. Other than that this is probably my favorite screen from you, nice work.
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    Cool work. Call it De Duikende Hollander. 

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    Although I love the name, I'm not really sure what the theme is. Hopefully it becomes more clear when you work on it a bit more. Apart from that, the structures are very solid and realistic, and the colours are great.

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    The station is wonderful, I like the supports and colors are nice. I think the orange works really well with the water. I wonder if the dark orange would work even better?

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    The queue fences are a bit too bold. Everything else looks great.
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    Maybe see if you can bunch the supports together more over the water, i.e. use less footers but have multiple supports coming off them?

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    Excellent work on the coaster, like everyone has mentioned the color are a good mix, but I think the supports on the water section are too close, it's just my opinion
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    Not crazy about the stairs going up to the MCBR, they seem a bit thick. Maybe swap them with the spiral stairs? The concrete footings I think also look weird being so square. The rest is very nice. 

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    Lovely screen and awesome name :D


    Not keen on the square footers though, would use just the round ones. Also a bit of overload on the 1K ruins imo. But keep up the good work, interested to see more.

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    Cool work. Call it De Duikende Hollander. 



    You mean 'Robben'?

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    Good one :D

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    Thanks everyone for the comments. My reactions:

    @Jappy the theme is turn of the century industrialism, kind of like baron1898.

    @Lagom I tried the darker orange, and while it does look good, I feel that the brighter orange looks a lot more fun.

    @ITM what do you mean by bold? How should I change them to be less bold?

    @alex The layout doesn’t really allow me to use less footers without cutting down on the supports. I do have a concrete slab that supports the footers where they are the most dense, kinda like Hulk

    @Navalin the staircase is modelled after Sheikra’s staircase It does look a bit big but I think spiral stairs would look too flimsy.

    @FredD Thanks. I’m not going to change the footers because I really like the square ones, but I might be the only one that likes them.

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