Screenshot / Launched Coaster, but with FOLIAGE!!! (and layout)


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    HM.  Unconventional, but you're making progress quickly.

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    I think the foliage is pretty great, got a good lush jungle feeling. otherwise, the archy is... alright and theres not a lot around. it doesn't make sense to me as a whole.

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    I wouldn't really see a place like this being filled with houses and things. It's more of a factory-themed area too. It'll look much better once completely surrounded by foliage.
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    that makes even less sense then. a factory area? is this entire fantasy or is it like a mini theme park on an island? why is there a coaster here? how do you get here? it just doesn't have any purpose now.

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    What bothers me more is how you have a cool landscape and then have the coaster completely ignore than landscape.

    I like the colours. The bright yellow with green supps, the splashes of pink, and even the brown archy go hand in hand. I'd go with a more monochrome foliage mix though, at least get rid of the yellowish trees. Sure you want pines in there as well?
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    Good colours. I think the island needs to be bigger, I dislike coaster floating over water like that.

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