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    comment below
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    That rolls right after the corckshrew just look painfull to me...

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    I like your old work better, I'm sorry
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    ^^ Agreed. Not only is it a strange order of elements but there should be an elevation change before doing it if you insist on doing it.


    I love creativity but when building B&M's you need to remember that you're dealing with a company that doesn't have a creative bone in it's body. Sure they might have had a little creativity in the 90's but those days are over.


    The layouts for floorless coasters basically always consist of a vertical loop, then some combination of a dive loop (or immelman, I don't know the difference), a barrel roll and a cobra roll... then a mid course if it has 3 trains, 2 corkscrews and that's it.


    It's not always the case but it usually is so any time this mold is broken it makes it slightly hard to believe just because of how boring this company has become.

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    The barrel roll right after is probably too much with g force, also look at all the force charts while watching the train go through the rest of the track, see any spikes in the chart then it can be way too much for peeps. Keep em satisfied, better ride rating/thoughts from peeps, etc.
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    your right

    i have no idea how to play this game lol

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    It's just as bad as the original scenarios' theming/rides.

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    why are these screens being bumped?

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