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    I really love that you themed the star flyer like that, very cool. 
    Excitced to see the release.

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    Great idea to theme the star flyer indeed, but I think you did it in the wrong park. A modern lighthouse amidst historic nordic theming?

    The cliff needs some smoothening.
  • Louis!%s's Photo

    I can understand the theme of it.


    Its lovely work.


    I think some of the foliage could do with being cut down, not so bushy and wild all over.


    Apart from that, its very good work!

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    This makes me feel like I am playing the Witcher 3 in Skellige :)


    The sunflower things are no good, the grey rocks are jarring they should be black. I disagree with Liam, I think the cliff is really good. Beautiful work, these are just nitpicks

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    Beautiful starflyer. I agree with lian on smoothening the cliffs, try experimenting with different land block sizes and types of rock.
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    love the foilage. don't understand the connection between the lighthouse and norse mytholog though.

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