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    I would have rotated this screen 90degrees. The village architecture is so, so good.

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    thanks...I sadly really didn't get enough on this done. But I was still pretty happy with how it turned out considering how little time I was able to put in.

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    At first I thought this area was made by alex... The architecture reminded me of his Mekong screen, but in RCT2. The bold landscaping and colours also reinforced that suspicion... But the stalls and stuff having german names confused me. I didn't expect Fisch to actually build on this, but once I figured that out it was rather obvious.

    Brilliant work, man. I didn't even notice it was unfinished at first. The architecture is fantastic, clever ideas including magenta and to use the petrol station like that.

    In my opinion the high quality of the ideas and the execution made up for the unfinishedness, possibly my favourite on both maps, second to only Iron Fist maybe.

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