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    The split lift hill on the water splash doesn't look great.. I'd tweak the lift/prelift so you have the turn straight into the drop.

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    The entrance of the park being here makes it feel much nicer and not cornered in. The rest of the park layout will have to be made cleverly, but I think you can save it.
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    Not sure whats going on with the path directly around the launch tower, probably should change that up.  The colors of the station don't really fit with what you have build so far, but the architecture is nice. I like the layout and most of what you have, just some little things that are holding the park back in my eyes.

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    Someone's got an Edda-park complex.


    Jokes aside, I think the layout is a little weak, but I love the surroundings.

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    Although the screen is already known, I made a few adjustments.
    The "Plaza" is part of the Viking outback Village which is haunted by the dragon Fafnir.
    Near the Station Building - I know I know, it's still there and way to ugly and yet way to much Robbiesh - there I'll be the Viking Kings Hall, and the Viking Capital which are meant to be inspire by Edoras from the LOTR movies...

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