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    No real criticism, but you should really connect those supports with the coaster.

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    Which supports aren't connected than? It's hard and pretty impossibly to get the supports on the looping % right. 

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    I know the looping is quite difficult, but that's not really the part I was talking about. I mean the little piece that's missing on the support on the right side of the loopingn, next to the little building.

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    Sometimes the it'll look connected from one side, but the piece sits on top of the track on the top side and looks wrong. I understand your conundrum fred. I wouldn't worry about it too much.


    Screen looks good, maybe the foliage in the front of the screen doesn't blend too well, looks a bit forced. Maybe give it a little facelift.

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    it looks great, but if you want to go for more realism, I'd take the cobra roll and make it so you have the half loops going outwards, and then put two straight pieces between the corkscrews. That's your choice though

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    I really like gives life to that area
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    I would agree with maybe widening the cobra, maybe even by only one straight piece.  It would give the queue some room to breath and get rid of that annoying glitch with the crown molding on the track.

  • SlayMeGaga%s's Photo

    I like the cobra the way it is. I feel when people widen them, it looks ugly and weird. That's just me though. Anyway, everything looks awesome! 

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    I don't think I will change the cobra roll. I know everyone builds them as most here suggested but I don't really see how that's better than this. Besides that, I love how the queue is forced between the coaster. Think it would be cool standing there when the train rages so close to you!

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    Good to see the massive dirt wall I suggested make an appearance :p


    Actually turned out quite well to be fair, lovely landscape contrasting the great coaster colours.

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