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    Not bad, better than my first LL attempts. Good to see you're building again too.

    Don't worry too much about the trainers. Beast Trainer and Codex are useful, but it's possible to create cool stuff without any hacking!

    Looks like you're building a bit like it's RCT2, which results in something quite bland. Go wild! And as I said to G Force as well, the best way to learn LL is to imitate other people's work. Natelox, RRP and posix are guys who you can learn a lot from. Clean distinct styles. Busch Gardens Lichfield!
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    I really like this especially the top right section looks really clean and well put together.

    I'm actually downloading LL right now. Never tried it looks like a lode of fun

    Keep it up!
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    This is a great start! I would suggest placing some chairlift wires to eliminate some wooden pathing support as needed. The fence in front of the ghost train window on the ground level doesn't look good to me and needs work, perhaps raising the ghost train by 1 level.

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    I'm loving all these first starts in LL!


    and yeah, its like 100 times better than my first stuff :p there are so many different tricks and stuff to figure out, which is both really fun and daunting. I still haven't figured out everything

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    Really cool, you nailed that fountain much better than I did
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    Thanks for the comments! Building in LL is indeed so much different than rct2. I really miss the shift-button, and it's really weird that buildings are basically made out of paths and landscaping.

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