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    I really like this, especially the orange building. That deck is amazing (except for maybe the brick, I think the wood fence from the right side of the deck would be better if carried throughout).


    I do think some trees and flowers might break up the path a little bit though. Personally I think that pink building is screaming for some flowers out front... it would add a lot of life into an already great screen. Peeps will help a lot too once you let them in.


    Great work as always!

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    You've really got your own style, and your work is pretty identifiable. 


    I echo everything Bill said.

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    I hate that dark grey path; it makes everything so dull. I do like your adventurous colours and your big scale though.

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    ^Any suggestions for alternative paths? I've currently changed it to a light grey which looks a bit nicer I think (and a little more realistic as well considering it would constantly be out in the sun so probably quite faded anyway).


    The place I'm basing this on is literally a path with buildings on either side, but I have added foliage in front of the pink building (where the grass is) and I guess some plant pots could work here.


    I'm relying on peeps for a lot of the 'life' in the park, so hopefully upon completion a lot of the areas that seem 'dull' won't end up being like that. 

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    Anything lighter really. The darkness doesn't really match the bright colours of the buildings in my opinion.

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