Screenshot / Iron Viper Layout


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    Wow. Love it. Only thing I don't like is the transition from the Immelman to the zero-g roll, but that may be the angle. Incredible stuff though.

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    The way you've done that pretzel almost looks like you don't need the s bend.
  • Version1%s's Photo

    If there was a list of coaster types I don't want to get launched in, flying coasters would probably be pretty high on that list. I would try to find a way to do the pretzel loop without the s-bend to be honest.

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    Nice.  I agree with inthemanual though.

    Can't you loose the s bend there?

  • BelgianGuy%s's Photo


    trust me it's not possible...

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    I like that. Looking forward to see how you theme this.

  • 5dave%s's Photo
    The part after the MCBR seems a bit short and boring to me?

  • BelgianGuy%s's Photo
    It's a more free pass for the launch mcbr but i can understand your comment...
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    B&M seems to do that with the flyers tho, Tatsu does'nt really have an "mcbr" its more like, brakes for a helix. Manta's is rather late into its layout to.

  • BelgianGuy%s's Photo
    Yeah i noticed that trend aswell looking at real life coasters i think it's more of a ti'ing/capacity and trainflow thing rather than true mcbr
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    launched b&m flyer <3

  • Maxwell%s's Photo

    This is so cool!

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    If you go with steampunk, then I'm not sure that the deep red would work very well.


    Regardless, any work by BG is work that I want in my saved games folder. [what happened to that 'adventure' themed park that you were going to expand Jaguar from by the way].

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    It became just jaguar and is waiting for map in the release

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