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    Zodiac made this? The layout looks quite terrible...
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    Plus it's not a B&M Hyper

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    Is this section bad? I moved a bit of the coaster around to fit the area. I guess it's not a hyper, more of a twister. Curious what can improve from here.

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    B&M Name 101:


    B&M Hyper: Mostly Out and Back Layout, no Inversions (Hyper Twister Coaster in Game)

    B&M Sitdown/Looping: Coaster with Inversions (Twister Coaster)

    B&M Floorless: Similar Layouts to Sitdown, but other Trains (Floorless Twister)

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    is this a better interaction/flow?




    or maybe this?

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    The layout looks very messy and random. Instead of just trying to lump as much track as possible within six tiles of the queue, review what you want the surroundings to look like, and then consider how the queue and the coaster will interact with those. Right now you just have a big empty building and some path. Fill in more of the surroundings and then build the layout in tandem with the queue layout. Having the queue layout done first seems... odd to me.

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    Zodiac made this? The layout looks quite terrible...


    That's because Zodiac made it :p

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    I don't recall zodiac being specifically good or bad, too long ago. I associate his name with the endless stream of projects that never were: swirly first drops in a mountain landscapes. I don't see that here :p
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    He made the coaster without any surrounding scenery or landscape. I kept the first drop, cobra roll, quarter loop turn and vert loop intact, rest of the coaster has been modified slightly for pacing, etc. I'll mess with it more but I've been working on the western area and will come back to this.

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