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    Oooh, nice and clean! The building looks like fun. A small suggestion: maybe break up all that grey path with a different one? For the rest, keep up the good work!

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    Quite nice! Needs peeps to add life.

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    This looks really cool! The flag in front of your name is the only thing telling me you are not Dutch, since it looks like a Dutch building style. Keep playing! 

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    Doesn't look very Dutch. More like the late slob-egg_head-zodiac style that was popular in like 2007. Especially with all those blues. I wasn't too fond of that style back then, but it's grown on me and in 2015 it's quite refreshing. I like the octagonal balcony a lot, and the anchor too. Some ideas for improvement:
    - It's weird how the quay transitions into the landscaping in the bottom right corner. It's all a straight line. Break the line. Extand the land into the lake a little, irregular.
    - Purple building on the left is quite terrible, with all the blind walls. Break the wall up and maybe make it look like a shop with windows and awnings and shit.
    - Seperate the lighthouse from that cluster of buildings. Move it accross the path. Move it into the lake perhaps.
    - Make top spin more visible, don't bury it in featureless architecture!

    Were you here, during that time? I vaguely remember your username but I could be wrong.
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    I was here in 07 yeah. Stopped being active in 08. I actually have a nice surprise from zodiac that I'll be showing later on.

    I broke up the blue and purple building and made it a bit less brutal. I'm thinking about transferring the lighthouse across the path and adding a walking bridge to it. Attempting to make the flow better, this is one of the very first stages of the park I started working on, so a lot of this was from my early days.

    I've always wanted to come back and finish this park. I lost a lot of things in a home fire in 08, including my computer, and thought this park was gone too. I was looking through old emails and found an email from zodiac that had his version of the park on it.

    Look for some updates in the coming weeks after finals. Glad to see this community still alive.
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    Your name reminds me of him

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    ^yeah me too. also, solid call on the zodiac/egghead style liampie, its spot on.

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    Not the same person as me! ;-p

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