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    Interesting mix of stuff going on here, maybe a bit too much. Factory - Canyon/Caves - Orchard all seem like different biomes. Concept is cool, factory looks cool, but the orchard right next to it is a little disjunct.

    Love the tanks and all the pipes and vents. You have the "hipster refurbished factory space craft brewery" look nailed pretty. Not sure about the transfer track, probably a sliding track into the brick building would be more intuitive.
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    It's a little stark looking, not sure if you were going for that. I would've expected a more inviting color pallete - even the foliage is drabbed down.

    Area looks cool, though.
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    The sand throws me off a bit with the orchard, but overall, I think this looks really cool so far.

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    The brown path works much better I think.  That area really looks good.


    Maybe replacing some of the Black though could help add a bit more pop to the area, though I don't think its really an issue.  Hard to judge color pallet of a whole area from one screenshot.

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    That's an odd place for a transfer track. Shouldn't it have brakes before it? When they move a train from the transfer to the main track, how would they prevent it from valleying in front of the helix?
    The factory themeing is executed well but it doesn't work with a mine train IMO.
    The color pallets actually works quite well here. Nice use of land textures. Though, that pink-and-White queue awning sticks out like a sore thumb to me.
    Was this all done on Classic? If not, I don't see why you didn't hide that extra station sticking out of the building. In fact I don't see why your station needed to be longer than the building it's in, unless you're trying to add more trains without using block brakes.
    TL;DR How would that transfer track work.
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    Looks awesome man
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    I like the concept behind this, and I think the execution was nice. I am looking forward for more, Steve! :)

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    I fucking adore this.

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    Amazing work, dude! Love it!

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    Great addition ot the park. Looks ace.

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    absolutely amazing.

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    Good stuff, can't wait to see more !

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