Screenshot / Vermilion Avenue


  • Ling%s's Photo

    Wow, I really like this.

  • Coasterbill%s's Photo

    That's some classy LL work. Very nice!

  • G Force%s's Photo
    To much red, but man is this classy.
  • Jappy%s's Photo

    Very impressive! Love it.

  • Liampie%s's Photo

    Very nice, very clean. Almost too clean.

  • chorkiel%s's Photo

    Really pretty.

  • Louis!%s's Photo

    gorgeous <3

  • Cocoa%s's Photo

    yeah, classic style LL. great work. now you have the basics of aeshetic LL-ism down, make it a tad more interesting. Explore new themes, find your own tricks, etc.

  • posix%s's Photo

    Quite wonderful. Mind the overuse of water. Trees are usually a better choice I think.

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