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    Always a joy to see what you're up to.

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    I was so close to voting for this.  I went back and forth so much but eventually didn't give it my vote.  But I'm happy to see it won.

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    So amazing.

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    My main issue with this was how underdetailed some areas were. The only way to keep large structures interesting is to use textures and colours in a way that make it seem a lot deeper than it actually is, not just large blank walls with the occassional window.


    Hopefully we'll see you revisit something like this but with the ability to spend a little more time on it. 

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    Well I think in general, large structures can be interesting simply for their form and composition. It would be incredibly time-consuming to detail large structures as you would small structures.


    In the end, when you're on a time restricted schedule, detailing is not a priority. :p

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