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    I like it except for the acid green water.  Burns my eyes

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    this is fuckin sick

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    The object choice and water color should theoretically make this the worst screenshot ever and yet you made it work so so well. Mind-blowing 

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    So cool. Best use of that lime green water I've seen.

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    The endless ashen wastes of Abaddon... one of the worst places in the RCT multiverse.

    This depressing plane, completely burned and yet of bitter cold, reeks of decay and saps the willpower of anyone that enters. Mountains of bones and ruined buildings from past wars dot the landscape; it is a realm of entropy, of husks and pure despair, where the soul itself ceases to exist.

    Pictured here is the castle of some lesser Daemon lord.

    (For Dirt's multitiles large scenery challenge, where single and quarter tile objects aren't allowed)

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