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    why leave the handyman stranded on a piece of rock :(?

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    Foliage is a big turn-off here, in desperate need of more color variation and a better placement. Also, don't use the RCT2 covered station, use the uncovered standard one and hack the entrance- and exit hut invisible, that'll look much better.


    I gave this 60% because I think this has potential, if you work it out better.

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    I gotta agree with FredD about the foliage colors. Specifically, the chinese cedar trees need to be lighter.


    Personally, I think the covered stations have their place every now and then, but you have a weird gap between your exit station and entrance station where the windows are different. And that's because of the covered stations.


    And is that coaster an Arrow mine train?

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    why leave the handyman stranded on a piece of rock :(?

    It's me :p



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    The coaster is an arrow mine train, we used the wooden supports to mimic the older mine trains. I wanted to go with B&M supports, probably works either way. As for the log flume station, pretty sure I could get rid of that gap as well, it was a holdover from our old ideas, might work on just making invisible entrances. Thanks for the input though, we'll keep working on the park.

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