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    This looks like someone who is uncomfortable with RCT2 an tries to makes the exact same as they would in LL. The little entrance gate and sameish architecture fell like an LL park. Its definitely a good start, just would like to see you stray away from the LL state of mind a little more in the future.
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    It's a good start, but it needs work. The architecture is too much relying on horizontal layers, especially that building on the right. Thefore most buildings don't really come together. It reminds me of a kid who wants to build a house with lego, but doesn't have enough bricks of one colour and therefore it ends up looking like shit. Not saying this looks like shit, but I hope you get my poorly written down point. Another thing is the elevated walkway. I'm not sure what it's purpose is, but whatever it is I think it might be better to use another texture there or add a support structure to emphasize that it's elevated. I actually didn't notice at first and it was a minor mindfuck..
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    It definitely looks like an LL player got into rct2, which is a style I kinda like. It does feel a bit texturally messy as Liam said though.
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    Don't listen to anyone that is telling you that this is LL work in RCT2. They just don't like stuff that is different from the norm.


    I love it, keep it up, I wanna see where this goes!

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    I like this a lot too. Good to see you mixing the two styles together! Can't wait to see this progress!
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    Listen to Louis.

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    Listen to Bill

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    I agree that it looks like an LL player who started in RCT2. But I kind of like it.


    I imagine quarter tile scenery and the amount of color choices with most textures for a roof must be quite overwhelming.

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    Although it does have a certain LL look (the foliage, shapes and hell, even the paths!), it has a certain charm and uniqueness. I'll be following this. Some remarks though: that little entrance path looks waaay to small, and I would put that wooden arch thing one unit higher.


    Keep it up, your RCT2 work is something I haven't seen yet!

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    I like it a lot. Life's too short to rebuild.

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    in this thread:  people who have forgotten all of the RCT2 work on NE used to look like this.  #haveyouseenMJR


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    long live marble walls, wooden posts, and fisherman fences


    My only complaint here is that the rooflines look more like central asia than tropical paradise.

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    yeah I was going to say, I didn't think this looked like LL at all. if we didn't know LL was your main game I don't think anyone would have mentioned that. I really like it, like ][22 said it takes you back to the old rct2 styles, which are really fun

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    That is one of my favorite styles, ][ntamin. A bit of a golden age of the game in my opinion.
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    I like the screen. Could be really cool to see an entire area like this with some awesome roller coasters.

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    [ntamin22' timestamp='1440652627' post='682262']

    in this thread:  people who have forgotten all of the RCT2 work on NE used to look like this.  #haveyouseenMJR



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    I honestly love the old macro style of NE parks. Keep it up!

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    [ntamin22' timestamp='1440652627' post='682262']

    in this thread:  people who have forgotten all of the RCT2 work on NE used to look like this.  #haveyouseenMJR


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    Poke's screen is more squared and in terms of texturing completely different. Next to that, your screen portrays a much bigger focus on details. Maybe not as much as we see today, but a lot lot lot more than Poke's work.


    I'm not saying that's bad and I agree to some extent with you, but isn't that how rct2 building started? People who were kind of bummed with the limitations of LL, who started to go a bit more in detail in rct2 every time until we got where we are now?

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    Early RCT2 looks exactly like LL. I don't think it was until Toon started making quartertile objects that this style emerged.
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    Guys this area has literally been completely redone.


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