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    it's great seeing stuff from you like this, although i'm not really getting an egyptian feeling or north african feeling, also try looking at the spanish buildings that were constructed by the arabs when spain had a muslim majority, i think you could certainly get some inspiration from looking at buildings like alhambra

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    I've been to Casablanca and it doesn't look like that. 
    Most buildings are white (Casa = house, blanca = white).
    So although the buildings look good, it's nothing like Casablanca. 
    Also Casablanca is in Morocco, not in Egypt. 

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    Also Casablanca is in Morocco, not in Egypt.

    And definitely not in Antarctica, as the project name suggests. Main complaint, however, is the 2x2 slope. What is it and why do you think it looks good?
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    I know where Casablanca is, and the project name is somewhat arbitrary to the content of the park. I'll admit the 2x2 slope is ugly, needs fixing. Just a space-filler, really. 


    Keep in mind this is a semi-fantastical park, don't expect everything to be completely accurate. I build what I think is fun and looks halfway decent. Also this is why I have a lot of trouble naming things and leave that til the end

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    You can always take the 'Twisted' route if you have trouble with naming. :)

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    Is the yellow track part of a ride, or just trackitecture?

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    It's a ride. Is the Twisted route making up words?

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