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    Not entirely keen on the textures - never really been a huge fan of those trees or flowers, and there's a lot of repetition among those ride-cars-as-bushes (those seem to work better on curves than in straight lines) - but I suppose it's a stylistic choice here. Are those peep objects making up the queue?

    Coaster seems nice with some good interaction, and I like the big trees in the path.

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    It's all pretty good. There's like kumba levels of jungle bush here hah, maybe just use a bush that doesn't match the tree type you have I think the trees are well done.
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    Cool stuff- I think it's just lacking a few more pops of colour

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    I'm loving the scale here, as well as the generally unique aesthetic. I think there's some textural cleaning up to do though. I also think the capitols on the bridge columns are a bit too large/heavy looking.


    Exciting project!

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    i agree with alex here - my favorite parts of the screen are the peach awnings, the red station and the yellow flower bush - i feel like a few more of those tones spotted around would make the atmosphere a little more cohesive. right now you have a ton of dark washed out colors on top of each other than make it a little hard to read whats happening. 


    the coaster color being a brighter shade of teal would also help I think. 


    I can see what you're going for with the bit tree canopies, and I like the idea a lot - it just doesn't quite read cleanly enough. not sure what an alternative would be, though, you'd def know better than me

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    I really like the lower left of this screen.  The half diagonal bridge just seems extremely forced.  Could just be the textures though.

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