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    This is just SO GOOD!

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    Wow... I love this.

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    This feels like a slightly more lush Canyoneer. I'm a little bothered by the comparative size of the picnic tables and actual architecture though, not sure if there is any way around that...

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    Sweetness! Is this just a forested park, or will there be rides?

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    Gorgeous. Love the little map/guide stand

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    Tables look a bit large. Otherwise this is really nice.
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    I don't think the tables look too big, I think the building next to the table looks too short because of the way the land cuts into it. Maybe scale up the buildings slightly so the tables seem more in scale comparatively.


    Other than that, the landscaping is looking crisp and beautiful. Great work!

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    Some of your landscaping looks a little too jagged in places.


    I also think it will be interesting to see how you vary things up throughout the park.


    With a large landscape in game (not in screens) you can easily lose the viewer quickly if there isn't enough variation across the map.


    Looking forward to the next screen.

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    I agree with the comments on the size of the tables. Losing the green trim would help a lot already.

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    Agreed with all the comments above, but still, this is incredibly well done.

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    Wow, this is beautiful

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