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    For some reason I really like this screen, i think it's the quaint natural feeling it has.. Reminds me of Xophe's work.. Keep going :)

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    Would look better with wooden roofs.
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    Yes to all the changes you made, looks really good

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    I think he should keep the roofs to be honest, wooden roofs would make it look very dull

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    All the path flow, realism and foliage in this screen make me so thrilled to see what you'd do when you'd build an actual park, i LOVE this!

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    What Faas said.

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    Ugh if only Raubritter looked as natural as this

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    I was quietly waiting for the typical fass "metal rooves" complaint. Glad you didnt fail me
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    Roof are fine, everything is fine, very fine actually.

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    "Anti fass rooves"

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    Awesome. I much rather see some tables with the in-game benches and crown moulding tables with umbrellas for the seating area than the picnic tables you have now. Would be a great way to get a splash of color too.

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    Visiting so hard rn

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    I have to be contrary to Steve on this one. As out of proportion those picnic tables are, this little park, or whatever it is, must have them. The in-game benches fit so much better for an actual rct park, not for a national park. Picnic tables or bust! If there was a way to reduce the size, that would be the key. I guess no one has a good picnic table object to use?


    Love the screen obviously. Still wondering what your ultimate goal is with this project, but all your screenshots look great! I'll just enjoy the ride.

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    Well I never complain about steel roofs in actual settings where steel is used like industrial or military (like flowdisk's screens), or even modern coaster stations. 

    However, in a (beautiful, well done) natural setting like this I think it's an eyesore. Just like when people use it in a medieval or viking theme or whatever. 

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    You could actually get picnic tables using the in-game benches and crown mouldings probably. Either way it would be cool to have some fun colorful umbrellas on there.

    And I don't even think Kumba's steel roofs look steel. Just a good texture to use for most situations, I feel.
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    And I don't even think Kumba's steel roofs look steel. Just a good texture to use for most situations, I feel.


    It rhymes, so it's true.


    I'd agree regardless of wether it rhymes though.

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    Please keep the roofs.

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    Keep the roofs. I live by to many state parks to say that most of them have steel roofs on there buildings because wood is a mess to deal with. 

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    It's not often you see a park quite as comfy as this one. Beautiful.

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