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    comment below
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    wish I'd known this a while back

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    Can somebody tell me how to make this work? So far I've only been able to make merging work with the looping coaster - anything else refuses to open because the track is not a complete circuit.

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    You can set the ride operation mode to Boat Hire in 8cars to fix that.
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    Check on reddit, I posted a little tutorial.

    @wouter  8cars doesn't work in openrct, but its possible with the build in cheat to change the operating modes too, also all trains can be chosen from; withouth having the result of crashing every 2 minutes. 

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    I tried setting the operating mode to boat hire... the merge works but the block brakes don't. I think that's because it has to be in block section mode to work properly. Is there a way to switch it back once the ride is open?

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    I don't think so, it doesnt work with 8cars either (You'll need a dummy station, but im not sure). Easiest solution is to make the station longer and put minimal waiting times properly.

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    I'll have to stick to not merging tracks then. I wanted to do a dive machine with inversions, but no inversions is better than no block brakes IMO.

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    You can get around the block brake problem by simply carefully managing train timings. Include block areas but simply without the blocks themselves. If the track is timed right it will be the same as if each block was always cleared. You can also use a dummy station to get the shorter station.

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    So this is a pain in the ass to do on a modern day pc, I needed virtual windows xp to do this hack with RCT2. It's possible now with openrct and this only took me 27;23;55 seconds to merge.

    Just wanted to show this, since I know most of you guys here are not using openrct. I still use RCT2 to do invisible entrance hacks, but the zero clearance hack in openrct is that much better; hence no white glitches and even scenery path tiles can be placed without glitches and mom.

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