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    Both of the large buildings are some of my favorite RCT things.

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    once finished this quite possibly could be the best themed area RCT has ever seen
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    Beautiful Supports! And I love the architecture!!!

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    One of the best Invert layouts RCT has ever seen

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    ^ I will agree to that
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    Thanks for the comments guys!

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    Does it look this good from other angles too? thats the true test of a good layout :p

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    ^I can assure you it has louis certified #datflow from every angle

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    Wowzahs, the flow between the cobra roll & the MCBR is just way too sexy for my eyes to handle.


    Up there with Denali & La Cosa Nostra as the greatest invert layouts of all time whewww

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    Heavy Pyrenees influence there :) 

    Which is great because Pyrenees looks like one of the best B&Ms out there.

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    Beautiful... the diagonals are so well integrated it feels completely off the grid. And I absolutely love the scale of these buildings!

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    beautiful layout, cant wait to see this in game

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    whenever i need inspiration i just come to this screenshot, this stuff of yours is amazing robbie, don't ever quit.

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