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    saw it bro sucked

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    Love the towers.  Love the station building, though it could use a little more variety in trim, maybe a red roof bit to match the tower.  Like the flowers but the light green reeds feel out of place.  Like the bridges for the coaster track but the metal feels out of place next to the stone viaduct and castle.  

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    yeah that came out really nicely. good stuff

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    It was beautiful, really nice.
    I liked the details of the roof
    The steel support under the bridge was 10 :)
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    This color palette might be one of my favorites of all the palettes thus far. That deep cerulean blue is to die for. Great work around the queue, it's so simple and clean, yet very effective. The colors on the drop towers are ace. Foliage could use some work, I don't particularly care for the mix of trees here.

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    I like the Archy. However you can probably put a bit more emphasis and depth on the queue entrance, just seems to be plopped down there.
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    Love the archy and the colors, agree that the queue entrance could use something more, and I'm not a huge fan of the dirty path for the queue. It feels too dirty for a real park queue, and I think it can be a little texture-heavy.

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    That palette is gorgeous. The station is nice, but the queue entrance could be made more....well, more. Also, benches, lights and bins on your paths could add something, they look a bit barren at the moment.

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    Love that station.

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