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    This is one of the coolest realistic park entrances I've seen in a while. Well done

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    Wow. I really like this a lot.
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    Entrance nice

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    jesus the forms in this game have progressed so much in the last year or two. so smooth and flowing, I cannot keep up

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    so cool. I wish i'd built it.

    If I'm going to be picky ( i am) then I'd say the light blue/white kiosk is quite dissonant alongside all the deep and warm colours you have going on - the white crown moulding pieces at the base stand out in particular.

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    Jealous of this. Best entrance I have ever seen. 

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    Yeah, this is the type of work I wish I could do. Absolutely fantastic. 

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    the entrance form is good, the colors look awful to me. the krypto rocks are interesting 

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    Really dug this portion of the park. Great forms and really cool signage everywhere. 

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    Cool colors. Looking like something exciting taking form!

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    It's out!
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