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    I like this different style you use. It's pretty unique. The building looks quite nice. Not sure if the red fences work. I would say they do not. The bright yellow signpost sticks out badly. And that's an endless line for a kids' slide...

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    Sorry, I don't like it too much. The yellow trees are pukey. 

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    I like that you're building this so fast and just having fun! Keep it going, you're getting a nice little park together. Also, Cocopa Bay is great name for your park!

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    Not sure about this screen.  It's cute but it misses in so many places. The tree selection highlights two of rct's worst trees.  The helter-skelter has exposed castle huts and is a pretty useless ride to begin with.  The stone benches are also a little distracting.  I also think the woodie would look better without the lighter colored handrails.


    I do, however, like that you used that different texture because it's very seldom used.

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    feels very Renaissance fair-y. which is fun, I always enjoyed the renaissance fair. 

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    It's very 2007-2008 Levis to me, with a hint of Paul.

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    It looks very rollercoaster tycoon, which a lot of parks now do not. I like it, its interesting and obvious you are enjoying the game.

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    There is plenty of green in there but it still feels too brown. Perhaps because the dull red doesn't really have any power against these shades of brown.

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    Very RCT-Guidesque feeling, i think its a good screen, beside the textures on the station, they fit not very good to the game graphic.

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    Tall trees.....


    Otherwise really quite charming.

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    All the quirky textures are quite refreshing. I like how under decorated  the slide is, it really gives the screen great breathing room.

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    I really like this. The trees, the browns, the red fences. And especially that castle wall texture on the monorail station! It's way underappreciated.

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