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    Flippin awesome

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    very cool. im not sure on the framing though... I personally would have had it with either the twist closer to the water (to deminish the effect of the wooden supports offering psychological security) or make more of a centrepiece for peeps out of it if you catch my ding dong

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    I love the idea, but the supports feel too bulky at some places and too frail at others. Also not a huge fan of the railway bridge either. But work on it and it could turn out great. But it looks promising as hell. 

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    This is remarkable. This just set the standard for RMC support work in RCT.
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    I think a gentle breeze could knock over those supports...

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    Good thing there isn't any wind in RCT...Colour the butts of the rolls silver and say its steel, Works all the time :p Looks good man. Train bridge is nice. Foliage also.

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    You need to continue the concrete footers down below the water.


    This is very exciting for those riding, but not for those watching. It's just a coaster that runs into a forest.

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    Yeah but so is Lightning Rod at Dollywood.

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    Yeah but so is Lightning Rod at Dollywood.

    Thanks for the backup :p  

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