Screenshot / #fbf: Islands of Enchantment


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    this is such a classic area, islands of enchantment is one of those parks I used to look at all the time for inspiration. good stuff.


    maybe when the macro revolution happens I'll be really tempted to full scale something, like back in the old days...

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    The real macro was inside you all along cocoa

    you have only to embrace it

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    Bigshootergill, you keep popping up around here! :p



    Looks like classic oldschool NE. Wonder what Artist could do with a more modern bench.

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    This style of architecture is still the benchmark in my nostalgic mind. This particular example holds up really well I think. Colours, textures and details are really vibrant and exciting. Foliage is a bit messy though, and the supports... Well it was about the best you could make with the objects available at that time. 

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    I always thought this giga was one of Titan's best rides.

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