Screenshot / Foot-powered Karts


  • SSSammy%s's Photo

    very interesting

  • PRMEshockzzNE%s's Photo
    Loving that play ground!!! Nice screen
  • posix%s's Photo

    Wow, rather nice composition. What's the bobsled meant to be?

  • Liampie%s's Photo
    Roofs for the cars, I think. I'd try ghost train track, this isn't really working.
  • alex%s's Photo

    Cheers Posix. It's supposed to be a Flintstones car, something like this: http://img.timeinc.n...flintstones.jpg

  • Cocoa%s's Photo

    IDK, the other screen was a lot more atmospheric and interesting to me. it may be that this one is just too bare. I think it may need more foliage, some red rocks, and less big brown path

  • pierrot%s's Photo

    wow you talented.

  • Corkscrewy%s's Photo

    yeah that playground is amazing..

  • csw%s's Photo

    A bit too bare for my tastes. 

  • posix%s's Photo

    alex, nice idea, but don't think it really works. You have other features that make this super nice. Really looking forward to updates.

  • Stoksy%s's Photo

    Agree with posix above. It isn't clear enough that the bobsled is indicative of cars; track too high, doesn't represent what you're aiming for particularly well. Especially given limitations of LL. Still, nice idea.

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