Screenshot / #fbf: Paradise Island (2007)


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    A ripoff? Yes. Overdetailed? Yes. Pretty? Hell yes! When it comes to looks, I think this area surpasses the one in Islands of Enchantmant, largely due to the more 'controlled' colour scheme.
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    Nah i like the one in ioe much more, its something about the way the coaster and landscape beckons you in that just doesnt feel the same in this park
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    I love every inch of this park, definitely one of my favorites of all time.

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    This park came around at the time I first joined a rct-board and is the sole reason why I started playing the game seriously back then. It just blew my mind back (and it still does).

    So to everyone who hates my work: It´s Facemans fault.

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    Thanks for posting all these, Liam.


    While it may borrow aesthetic ideas, this park has a positivity and energetic intensity that few players have come close to. And it's a quality I find especially lacking among German players, myself included.


    I was always disappointed the guy never truly immersed himself to play an active role in NE's forum culture.

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    I'm surprised this didn't get spotlight. I actually consider this to be one of the standouts from this period/style. Even though so much of it is borrowed there's a lot of unusual texture use.

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    it's not overdetailed lmao this is like the perfect amount of detail. at least this area beats its inspiration to create something even more fleshed out. shouldda been spot

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