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     hmm at first I thought you were trying to make LL in rct2 :p  it's nice but I think it's a bit bare in some places. I'm no expert so I don't know what you could do to combat this but maybe some more detail on the walls in some way would help?

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    It's not bad, but it certainly looks rushed and unfinished. The almost textureless marble, the unthemed steps leading up to the castle, the bare rock texture under the walls, the outlying tower that seems to float on its rock... With 15 minutes of work this castle could already look a lot better. Aside from polishing what's there, I'd suggest to give all the towers bigger, more emphasised mouldings.
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    This is beautiful.
    With a little bit more detail, this could be even better.
    I love the little church in the bottom left corner.
    I'm looking forward to see more from you.

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    I like this, but I agree with Liampie, you should probably add a big more texture on the walls of the castle. The architecture on the smaller buildings near the bottom is great though imo.

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    Yea, definitely could use a bit more texture.  I'd keep what you have and just add some "decorative stone" ss objects on the walls to give it some more depth.

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    Another thing I just noticed is that the castle looks like it's floating where there are transitions from brick to land.

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    I like it. I agree it lacks some content but it's very organic and thus quite beautiful. It needs better composition though. The arrangement of buildings has no clarity and seems confused.

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    Great church.

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    thanks for the feedback guys.


    the building at the bottom is actually a market hall and not a church

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    Great market hall! Obviously!

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