Screenshot / Survivor Round 3 MA Tribe Calamity Canyon


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    One of my favs, though as you know the landscaping is rough and I never liked how the path squared off the entire thing. It's not a mistake, just a flaw. Maybe an error, even.

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    What you built was great, if it was more finished it would have survived another round or two for sure! You have some really ncso work in there Scoop, showing serious creativity!

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    This was really good, tho I agree that you have improved quickly and could do twice as well now. You were the first person to finish an area on either map, so great work outlasting some nice work.

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    I really like what you did with the turn with the bobsleigh track under and the wooden coaster track above. Very nice.

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    I really liked this, and while the rock was a little blocky and barren, I think it worked well enough, and most of all I thought the rest of the area was so well done that it compensated for the rock. The minetrain was a fun addition!

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