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    This is great, good mix of old and new.


    EDIT: Also, convert to .png next time an not .jpeg, the quality will be better.

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    The break has done wonders for you. Csw 2.0, I like it. More please.
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    I really like that, although maybe a bit too much path. a bit more lush foliage instead of open path and that would make it really good

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    Really good, nice composition and great colours. The use of the green tiled path is very nice, breathes some extra life into the screen. Looking forward to see more!

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    I like this a lot.

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    So beautiful!

  • Louis!%s's Photo

    lovely work

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    It is rather good, though I think you have one too many path types/textures going on. Does that carousel have an entrance and exit?

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    Classic yet modern. Love this!
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    I like this a lot. The 2x2s are a bit too conspicuous though.

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