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    nice one man, I've always wanted to make a waterpark but this is stupendously cool

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    Technically flawless but doesn't quite get me excited. Probably just the setting though, which to be fair can't really be helped.


    Would nonetheless be awesome to see a finished solo from you, no matter how small.

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    Slides are really cool, foliage needs a lot of work... Not a fan of those yellow-purple flowers, they don't really work well on this bare land. I'd add a lot of grass objects to make it less barren.
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    that park probably has good vertical fence poles and a lovely brick house

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    I agree with Liam on the flowers. I'm not entirely sure if the realistic look of the bobsleigh addition offsets the messiness, but I think it's nice to see water slides done different for once. The supporting is perfect. That flags seems a little out of place, though. They don't seem to stick out at all, like flags are supposed to do. Maybe some outdoor lightning to illuminate the slides in the evening would be a nice touch.

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    I actually don't mind the bobsled used as banked turns. The supports are very well done, but I agree with Liam that the foliage needs help.
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    I agree with most of the above. The slides are technically very good but I think the foliage is too minimal. The willows and the grass would also look much better in a brighter shade of green.

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    I think this looks incredible! Can't wait to see it in-game.

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    Its nice but overly minimal to the point where its really quite boring.  Might be a bit sloppy for my taste as well, you could probably clean some of the supports and track up quite a lot.

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