Screenshot / New Coaster, name suggestions welcome!


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    dude this is great and i think you could build well with in:cities
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    One the one hand, I think this area could use some contrast... On the other hand, these colours are actually awesome already. Either way I love it. And it reminds me of old Levis.

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    I love the station and the element that wraps around it.

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    That is a really nice burst of creativity and color.
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    Wow this is one of the best screenshots i've seen.


    As for a name why don't you call it: 

    • Dryades (Δρυάδες), tree and forest nymphs
    • Source wikipedia
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    looks like a banana coaster. name it accordingly.



    awesome looks though

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    I think there are a few places where you could use another support, such as in the top left over the water.

    Otherwise I love it. Atmospheric & fun.
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    This was unexpected, but a nonetheless fantastic screen! Peeps, a lovely coaster, atmosphere, and nice details. Coaster does lack a few supports though like csw said.


    Agree with Liam; definitely reminds me of Levis (who still needs to release TOMB and his fantasy...)

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    Makes me want Subway.
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    Everything you've been doing lately has been wonderful. Looking forward to whatever you show next.

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    thanks guys :) the top left corner isnt finished, so dont worry about more supports.

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    This somehow reminds me of Symbiosis in Majestic Paradise. Colors and feel are pretty similar.


    I like the interaction, but I'm missing some iconic, rememberable stuff there. The only cool standout thingy is the roof and some pagodas which don't really serve a purpose. That's what I'd do, but knowing you it's fine the way it is - fun and chaotic! ;)



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    Banana Splitter, Tropic Thunder, Apocalypso, Tropicalamity...?


    A really nice screen.  A very unique station but I like it.  I also like the winding queue path, though I think it could do with a slightly higher fencing, what with it being over water and stuff :)

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    We need a Tropic Thunder themed section. Do it now.
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    Wow, this does really remind me of my old stuff haha. Good work!

  • Description

    ... YES this is a station building...

    Hey guys, so i really threw myself into this coaster and area. Its a kind of tropical themed area, pretty wild, but NO dinosaurs. I really gave my best with the landscaping and theming. Its about 50 % themed, the other half will feature another ride and a big surprise...

    So the peeps love it, I just realized all these stupid red hats they wear and immediatly closed the hat booth, because every stupid peep bought one... so sorry about that. The paths you see is the queue and exit path, the normal paths (also custom/invisible) are much broader, so dont worry. And I am not so much of a custom supports building guy, so bear with me.

    What do you think? Still too brown? Should I fill the space under the roof structure? I kind of like it the way it is, because of the chaos around it.

    Thanks for your comments guys, more is going to come soon. I'm having a blast with this park so far.

    Oh yeah and name suggestions for the coaster are very welcome!

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