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    I expected the whole park to be in western theme, so this feels kinda like Eminem in the rap industry. I think you should stick to the western theme.

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    I tend to agree with fredD actually, although what you have here is pretty good, I feel like it would make more sense to stick with western/americana. Or maybe fix the scale a bit, the pink building is especially a bit disjointed, and the I think its silly that the tan one doesn't go higher than the grey wall.

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    I feel like the whole building has been squished. Some of the clearances seem off, like the arches the guests walk under seems too low.

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    The path is almost too busy...there should be more on the roof than on the path, I think. But the building itself looks great. 

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    Not sure what I think of this. The architecture is well done, but I don't think the colors fit.

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    This could indeed work in a southern theme as what you're obviously doing, but the castle wall is ruining it. It's making the architecture feel psuedo-disney almost. I'd also fix the scale issue you have with the peach building.

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