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    Hey Liam, post #fbfs of the PT bridge rounds :p

  • csw%s's Photo does it work??

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    It would work in reality, if it was built properly. In terms of engineering, it is possible to have a bridge like this, however, in terms of representing such a bridge in RCT, it falls short slightly due to proportion etc.


    But yes the bridge would work, well as far as my tech knowledge goes, it just needs to thicken towards the base of the main pillars.

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    Like this. Yes, it's not nearly as thick as it would need to be, and any more shallow slopes are ugly in isometric, but the weight of the pillars and the tension in the cables counteract eachother somewhat. And a beefy foundation is needed and somewhat provided.


    Still, much more art than real work. My first choice was actually a cantilever bridge like in Scotland but I'm not nearly skilled enough with custom supports to do it justice.

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    That bridge is lower, so the balancing of the cantilever isn't as extreme as it would need to be in your bridge, however, yeah, it would work and I know what you are going for.


    I liked your entry btw, was very nice and showed decent skill.

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