Screenshot / What Lurks through the Swamps?


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    not sure whats going on but cool scenery

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    You did it! You finally found the tree object that made me say "Wow, that's an ugly tree" :p


    Everything except the reddish tree is brilliant. If only there was a way you could find an object that was just a bit crisper with a similar colour palette.

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    I think you did really well with the foliage here, really interesting textures. I like how it looks with the roofs. But I hate that god damn red tree lmao

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    I actually think the red tree works really well here. Brilliant foliage!

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    i think its a bit opaque. if you could thin out the foliage to let us see what's going on a bit better whilst still carrying the feel, i think it would be even better

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    Reminds me of the Fortress of Heroes of Might & Magic III.
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    It's all ogre now.
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    I'm in agreement with Rob and Sam.  Love the amount of ground-level overgrowth but wish I could see what was going on a little better.

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