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    Same as the pattern of what I'm working for.I like this,but the pillars maybe too thin to hold the stone structures.
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    Really nice buildings. Like the structure, colours not so much.
    Your dark ride was a highlight for me. Love the part next to the cliff.

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    The buildings could have benefited from some different roof and wall textures along with colors like Lagom mentioned.  They just seemed to all blend together a bit and as a result were a little forgettable.  I remember Seb (along with many others) having some great buildings in this style that used a wide variety of objects that really helped distinguish them.


    Still, probably your best work so far.  Your CSO has definitely been improving.

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    you are getting better.

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    It's apparent that you can build (micro) but not so that you can compose (macro). Think of flow of both path, buildings (horizontal) as well as the heighth of buildings, rides, and foliage (vertical). Ideally, with both axis, you want to create curvature and flow. Also think about sightlines.

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