Screenshot / Bricks and Blood


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    Youre amazing dude.

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    Is that a giant hand?

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    As the resident top offender of using too much grey all the time I have to say that it could use a little variety of color on the stone and brick, maybe some ivy or overgrown plants on the catwalks. I really like it though, the red water actually looks good here and there's a lot to take in.


    I think with another couple bush/grass types you could have a really neat alien foliage look. The mix of side friction and virginia reel track is distracting, I almost wish it was just the side friction throughout.


    It's kind of a mixture of Xcoaster and Levis, it has the intricate feel while also being bold fantasy.

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    It would be nice if you could get rid of the wooden supports on the side friction coaster, looks nice otherwise.

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